Produced by: Brian May & Harold May

Year of production: 1964 (completion date)

Number produced: 1

Original list sale price: not applicable (Brian's original)

As seen: virtually everywhere Brian has been seen


Veneer top - mahogany

Veneer sides - mahogany

Veneer back - mahogany

Body - oak (central core), blockboard - beech wood (outer core)

Neck - mahogany

Fret board - oak (stained with ebony dye)

Finish: stained mahogany red dye

Scale: 24 inch (610 millimeters)

Head stock angle: 5º (degrees)

Neck pocket angle: 2º (degrees)

Number of frets: 24 (25 including 0 fret)

Fret position markers:

Single dot behind - 3rd, 5th, 9th, 15th, 17th, 21st

Double dot behind - 7th, 19th

Triple dot behind - 12th, 24th


Tremolo - Brian May self made knife edge pivoting design

Bridge - Brian May self made roller bridge

Tuning machines - Schaller (currently)


Pickups - 3 Burns Tri-Sonics (the magnet of middle pickup reversed)

Pickup selecting - 3 on/off slide switches (one for each pickup)

Pickup phasing - 3 phase reversal slide switches (one for each pickup)

Tone control - single tone pot and knob

Volume control - single volume pot and knob


The entire guitar including the fretboard is coated with "Rustin's plastic coating"

The tuning machines have been replaced a number of times, prior to the current Schaller machines,

it was outfitted with Gotoh locking machines