Starfleet Project

Recorded April 1983 at Record Plant LA Studios UK release 31st
October 1983

Starfleet / Let Me Out / Blues Breaker / [Single B-side Son Of Starfleet]

Back To The Light

Recorded at Allerton Hill, Mountain, Sarm East, Mono Valley,
Marcus and Townhouse Studios UK release Monday 28th
September 1992

The Dark / Back To The light / Love Token / Resurrection / Too Much Love Will Kill You
Driven By You / Nothin' But Blue / I'm Scared / Last Horizon / Let Your Heart Rule Your Head
Just One Life / Rollin' Over

Live At The Brixton Academy

Recorded at Brixton Academy, London, June 15th 1993 Released
Monday February 7th 1994

Back To The Light / Driven By You / Tie Your Mother Down / Love Token / Headlong
Love Of My Life / '39/Let Your Heart Rule Your Head / Too Much Love Will Kill You
Since You've Been Gone / Now I'm Here / Guitar Extravagance / Resurrection / Last Horizon
We Will Rock You / Hammer To Fall

The Amazing Spiderman (12" /MCD)

MC Spy-D and Friends - Brian May, 1995 Released

remark: The music was taken from a BBC Radio 1 serial  called "The Amazing Spiderman".
The whole show is available on a double-CD, but this release contains most of the music.

Mastermix / Sad Bit / White Trouser Mix / Brown Trouser Mix / MC Spy-D's Favourite Stings
Solution Mix (12" vinyl only)

The Adventures Of Pinocchio
1996 Released

Il Colosso * / Luigi¢¥s Welcome / All For One / Kiss Lonely Good-Bye
Hold On To Your Dream / Theme From Pinocchio / Lorenzini / Terra Magica
Pinocchio Becomes A Real Boy / Kiss Lonely Good-Bye / Pinocchio¢¥s Evolution
What Are We Made Of  **
Bonus Tracks: Hold On To Your Dream / Kiss Lonely Good-Bye

* = performed by Brian May, Jerry Hadley, Sissel and Just William
Just William is Brian himself thanks to the new technology - discovered by Sergey Zhuzhlin and Alex Smirnov

** = performed by Brian May and Sissel

Another World

Space / Business / China Belle / Why Don't We Try Again / On My Way Up / Cyborg
The Guv'nor / Wilderness / Slow Down / One Rainy Wish / All The Way From Memphis / Another World / Being On My Own (Hidden Instrumental Track)


Soundtrack album for the French movie Furia. The album was released
in August 2000 on CD in France, on CD in Europe on 20 November 2000
and 8 November 2000 in Japan

Furia Theme (Opening Titles) (May) / First Glance (Solo Flute) (May) / Landscape (May)
Tango: 'Cuesta Abajo' (Gardel) / The Meeting (Solo Guitar) (May) / First Kiss (May)
Storm (May) / Phone (May) / Pursuit (May) / Diner (May) / Apparition (May) / Arrest (May)
Father And Son (May) Aaron (May) / Fire (May) / Gun (Solo Violin) (May)
Reggae: 'Bird In Hand' (Perry) / Killing (May) / Escape (May) / Go On (May)
Dream Of Thee (May) /
Bonus Track Alternative Gun (May)